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FALSE ADVERTISING. They advertise a beautiful "boutique" quality outfit, and send you something completely different. Let the photo I've attached speak for itself.

Advertised as "capri set" - these are definitely pants. Not even the same design.

Expected product has a large oversized pocket on the shirt. Received product has a tiny pocket.

I have a huge suspicion they find cute ideas online, then send to China to CHEAPLY manufacture and BULK SELL.

If you put a comment on their Facebook, you are promptly blocked. EVEN if it's respectful. I have ordered three outfits from them, and I am praying the next two are not this terrible. PLEASE BE WARNED. You will be ripped off!

This person wrote the review because of not as described of screaming owl southwest sequin capri set outfit from Screaming Owl and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $22 and wants Screaming Owl to have the product delivered.

The most disappointing in user's experience was customer service, poor quality and false advertising. Author liked the most price. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Yes. They are located in NC.

But they place their bulk orders (your custom order LOL) from China. And it is worse quality than Walmart. At least there you know what you're getting and the take returns.


Screaming Owl does not refund. I suggest disputing the charge with your CC company to get your refund. Give them all details because Screaming Owl tries to get around chargebacks by giving vague shipping timelines and extremely vague item descriptions.

Google the item you ordered and screen shot the picture because once the sale is over they delete it so you can't go back and compare it to what you received. Sneaky and deceptive business practice.


the size ordered should not make a difference if the pants are long or capris! The pocket and pattern are not the same!

I think they over sell and cannot meet demand on certain items and then use different fabric and manufacturers with lower quality fabrics. And yes, they bulk order from China. I would rather purchase at Target, Walmart, Kohl's etc and know exactly what I'm getting, plus they take returns if you are not happy. I also received a dress that didn't match what was in their ad, promoted as an Easter dress and shipped the day AFTER easter, and was blocked from FB FOR COMMENTING ABOUT IT.

No reputable company does that instead of resolving the issue! STOP CALLING PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT HAD YOUR LOVELY EXPERIENCE LIARS!

Why are happy customers coming to pissed consumer website? I believe they are Screaming Owl" ambassadors who receive discounts and free merchandise.


The sizes you order can make a difference as well. obviously if your child is on the larger side or taller they will need more material so it's not going to look like that photo. and judging from the bedding she's not a size 2t like the picture advertised.


None of this is even remotely close to being true.....I ordered this exact same outfit for my daughter and it is identical to what they advertised. I can even post a photo myself!

and I have also commented plenty of times on their page and have received PROMPT responses. They are located in North Carolina for Christ Sake!

Due your research before you start bashing a company that is dependable on the reviews of their products. I personally would have posted that photo with the packaging as well as just blacked out your name and address to prove it actually came from Screaming Owl because I have ordered over 20 outfits from this website and never once have I ever had a bad experience and like I said before, I ordered this exact same outfit for my daughter and it looks NOTHING like what you have here in your photo.

to Anonymous #1144207

Which means she did not get whT she ordered. And she has photos to back that up.

to Anonymous #1144211

I did "do" my research. Yes, Screaming Owl is based in NC.

NO, the clothes are not manufactured there. The are bulk ordered and mass produced in China.

Yes, they are "dependent" on customer reviews, which is why they delete the negative comments on their FB page, and block the ones posting them.

And they send their good will ambassadors, who receive discounts and free items, over here to rave about them in order to bump up their subpar rating. :)


Same thing happened to me also..and SAME outfit I ordered. Everything about it is cheap..even the bag it was wrapped in.


this SAME thing literally happened to me today! I am so mad at myself for not seeing this review site before hand. The shirt and color of pants weren't even the same


No offense but no duh. Have you ever even read their reviews on here? They saved you, the expected items are really ugly.


I am searching trying to find out if Screaming Owl accepts returns because I ordered this SAME outfit and am disgusted. It is SO cute online but heinous in person.

Couldn't agree more with you!!

Do you know if they take returns? I assume not.....

to Anonymous #1150661

I was finally able to get a refund but it was not easy. Go to their website, not FB page.

Open a ticket and explain your issues and ask for a full refund. They might offer a store credit but keep declining it and file a dispute with your CC company if they don't refund it.

If you haven't already give your own review on here instead of in a reply on another review. If you notice every time they get a few negative reviews on here they send people over here to post rave review in an attempt to bump up their rating.

Sparta Township, New Jersey, United States #1140064

Can I ask you why you keep ordering from them? I had a problem too and same thing happened to me! They blocked me too!

to Marisa #1166146

I only ordered one time. First and last time.

I blocked them and sites like them from my newsfeed. Shady business, stealing designs and having them replicated in China for bulk orders of "made to order" shoddy merchandise.

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