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I was very upset when our Turkey Dress TUTU (shirt) arrived. Seems like they only took the extra effort to make the shirt posted look super cute.

The *** that they sent is not adorable. I had to make changes so that my child could wear it. I did contact them, after numerous attempts, and they offered a refund. My daughters birthday is 6 days away.

Not worth the hassle to ship it back and WAIT for a new one to be sent, lesson learned. Never shopping from here again.

Review about: Screaming Owl Dress.

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I agree, it doesn't look right. It appears they used the same size turkey for all sizes. It looks nice on the normal size shirt on the right but way too small on the XXXL shirt on the left.


Looks the same to me. You ordered something online without trying it on, sizes can be tricky, especially on kids.

And they offered a refund.

What's the problem exactly? Not really worth blasting them on the internet.

to tarheelblue02 Brownsburg, Indiana, United States #1136178

You really think it looks the same? Not at all.

But I assume you are from NC, the home of Screaming Owl, so perhaps that explains your defense of them?


Looks the fuqn same.

Lexington, Kentucky, United States #903295

What exactly was wrong with it ?

to Bri #903320

Does not fluff out like a tutu. They did not layer it the same as their pic to the right shown.

There was a very thin layer of each color at the bottom. It was supposed to be a long sleeve dress, fits more like a small shirt with elbow length sleeves. The sizes are nowhere near correct.

The turkey is way more detailed in their picture. The shirt that they sent me had a a small brown turkey with uneven ribbons(smaller) surrounding it.

to C***e-ro #1136179

The difference is obvious to me. I don't blame you for not being happy.

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