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I have ordered from Screaming Owl a few times. I recently ordered something Aug 26 . It is now Oct 21. HHhhmmmmm It will be my last time ordering from you !!!

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Ordered a diaper bag in June. They didn't ship it until October. Do yourself a favor and buy from literally anywhere else.

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I ordered a cute fox dress and necklace. It's adorable and came when I expected it. I sized up one size and it fit my granddaughter perfectly. Just order ahead of when you need it

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I purchased 3 outfits for my twin grandbabies due in late November, that my daughter requested, back in early August. It is now, mid October, the babies were born 2 weeks ago, 1 has arrived, tag says "made outside the U.S." Which really upsets me!! The other 2 selections were for the babies to wear going home and their hospital pictures, I still have not received those outfits, and the babies were discharged recently ?? I also ordered a Fall... Read more

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Have ordered from here a few times for my granddaughter . I have always been happy with the products purchased.

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I have ordered for my granddaughters twice and was very happy both times. My daughter has ordered from them numerous times and other than the long shipping time neither of us was unhappy! Yes, 4-6 weeks (sometimes longer) is a long time to wait, but the product met our expectations and the price was well worth the wait. I think some people just want something for nothing and are ready to jump on the "I hate them" band wagon way to quickly! I... Read more

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I have ordered from screaming owl an outfit for my daughter. The order was made in September, I was hoping to get the item by mids of October, I still did not received it, and feel sad, because the outfit was meant to be worn for a special occasion :( and its too late now. I dont even know who to contact for information about shipping. They dont provide any contact numbers. No tracking nothing to see. I dont think I will ever order from them... Read more

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DO NOT ORDER FROM SCREAMING OWL!! I have ordered things TWICE from there and they send it to NORTH CAROLINA! And I live in KENTUCKY

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It is mid-October and I'm still waiting on an item that was ordered at the beginning of August. It doesn't take a math genius to figure out that this is beyond their "4-6 week" shipping estimate. I emailed customer service and received a reply full of excuses, one of which was a reminder of their business model. No where in it the message was an acceptable reason why my order isn't in process yet after 2 months. Of course, they take your... Read more

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They really need to rethink their marketing strategies. I ordered two outfits for my two granddaughters. I ordered one in June that was delivered finally in September and one in July that I just got two days is now October 13. This is unacceptable. I did read about the mass order and ordered based on when they said they would mass order.... it was still 6 weeks to two months later before I finally got the items. I will never use... Read more

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